I first got online as a learner back around 2005 I was writing my first book from scratch. 'The Perfect Wedding' now 'Dreams of Marriage'. Within a couple of years I received two certificates one for 'Breaking Into Print' and one for 'Shape, Write, and Sell Your Novel'.

I finished my manuscript, got it edited and got my book published by a vanity publisher. Later on I self-published my other books while working a 9 to 5 job and learning a lot more about the online space and marketing.

The good marketing I saw online lead me to follow the shiney object leading me away from my creative writing a little bit. I decided I wanted to be a business coach. But it wasn't my passion.

After nearly three years I was like wait a minute. I'm really good at this, shaping and developing an outline to write and then selp-publishing a book. I want to teach people to do the same thing. So now here I am as your favorite Creative Writing Coach.

If you are an established coach, consultant or creative and ready to write your first book so you can increase your credibility and authority in your industry Book a Strategy call with me.