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THIS PART of your plan: ✍

➛ How to get Clarity on your Money Flow month by month in this SIMPLE GUARANTEED

When was the last time you were able to log your expenses and income into one area?

I started in the same situation as a new business owner. I tried sinking my business
transactions into memory. Needless to say, that failed. So, I discovered the secret to
keeping up with expenses and income is to log them into a spreadsheet from receipts.

Accountants have been using this type of tool for forever. Now you know that it’s
possible to track your money flow outside of your head.

✔Using this spreadsheet (which can be customized for your needs) will allow you to
have a landscape view of your monthly expenses and income for the year.

✔It has fourteen categories to input necessary data to reach a successful goal and you
will have a good understanding of your financial situation and strategic plan.

✘If you already have a system in place then this offer is not for you.

✔This tool gives flexibility and ease and saves a lot of effort trying to remember things.

✔With this Annual Budget Tracker Spreadsheet, you will organize your monthly
expenses and income in the sheet that will give you advantages in strategy planning.

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on its way to you after confirmation.

Get the free Budget Tracker Spreadsheet and track your monthly expenses and income,
to be laser focused on:

✔Money coming in and going out
✔Your overall projections
✔How to price your service or product for revenue

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Hello, I'm Debra, thanks for stopping by to visit my site here
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I'm an Author and a Business coach.  What I do is work with
New or Aspiring Entrepreneurs in finding or reinventing their
Core Message so that they reach their Desired Client.

We also work together to
Nail their Niche so they no longer
wonder who that might be.  

I also share tips, strategies, and tools that are helpful in
having a Healthy Business Model.

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