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Every entrepreneur should have a clear business vision written out (a business plan).  This plan
should be in a convenient place and ready to be pulled out at any time, for review.  

Your short-term and long-term goals will keep you on track reminding you of what you should be
doing.  So if you are to embark upon a new action make sure it fits in with your goals.  Now you will
have the ability to decide if you really want to make that move.  This is a time of reasoning with
yourself, because you may decide that your plan needs to be adjusted or even changed all completely.

So with this handy tool in a business plan you are more than likely to succeed in your business goals
and have peace of mind.  Take a few minutes and reflect on where you are now in your business as an
entrepreneur and where you would like be in one, two or even three years from now.  I will make a big
difference in your mind set.  
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Are you sick of your nine to five and you want to be an entrepreneur and create
something beautiful?

The problem:  actually running a business has you confused, overwhelmed and scared.

The solution:  an entry-level entrepreneur checklist workbook to help you, to get clear,
to get you focused and to get you LOVING what you do.  

Here’s what you get in the workbook:

Financial Planning

Here’s what you will walk away with:

A more focused view on your goals for the next 30 days.
Action steps to help with mindset.
How to write out your 30 day-financial goal projections.

Are you ready to make an easy transition from your nine to five into your beautiful
business today?

This $67.00 offer is limited to 11 action takers.  After that it goes back to $167.00 once
the spots are filled.

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